The Deliciousness of Words – 1

Preamble: I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now – Having come across a collection of some of the most evocative words in languages other than English that have no direct equivalents – and each of which having struck a chord in me – I’m going to post them a couple at a time, with explanations (not mine) and complementary visuals, for you to savour. And a request to all readers  – can we make this interactive, where you can also contribute some more in languages you speak / know, which I will compile?

Here goes… when Koi No Yokan leads to Mamihlapinatapei leads to Forelsket

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My ode, my paean to a supposedly heartless city which has captured mine from Day 1…

newyork1Mythical, legendary, Hollywoodian, all too real
A microcosm of America, the world, life itself, with all its disparities

A city on steroids which ensnares you, eats you alive & spits you out
A Mecca with a brazen, in-your-face attitude

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