I don’t quite like that guy.
That fellow standing in front of me.
Looking back at me. Looking just like me.

He stands tall, his heart is fair,
But I don’t like some of what I see.
His form’s not perfect.
It’s tarnished in places.

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Libidinous passion,

Singeing, primal, momentary

Uplifting, intense, fulfilling

The memory still vivid

The blood still coursing

The breath still heavy

The heart still throbbing

The face still flush

Awash with intoxication

The afterglow of the encounter

The adrenaline of the escapade

The antidote to the ordinary

And across the schism, the aftermath

Oscillating, lingering, unforgiving

Between the conscience and the carnal

The detritus of an adulterated vow

Begone, Mr. Beard!

Oh, beard of mine,
How I hate thee!
Vexed am I
For you intrude on my facial property
A scruffy nanometer of a nuisance at a time.
Scraggly, prickly, itchy, bristly.

As a lad, I once looked forward to your arrival,
Eager with anticipation
For each virgin hair.
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Thus It Broke

Seduced by her visage
Her laughter, the temptress
Bewitching, captivating, ensnaring
Cupid’s mischievous minstrel plucked a tune with my heartstrings
As the sorceress drew me ever deeper in
To a rapturous dalliance
Till my ensuing torment
Was shredded by the rapier of reality


Today, I take you on, my fears
You overwhelmed me all these years
Made me despair, had me in tears

Because of you I looked long but never leapt
Where many ran, I carefully stepped
You caused me to seem so out of depth

Many desires that I had sought
Those battles were lost before they were fought
You, fear, brought a lot to naught

From not wagering on a winning bet
To waking up in a clammy sweat
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