Hara Kiri, A Step At A Time

I started with a clean sheet, with her name calligraphed across my heart
The Geisha moulded me like Origami pieces
Folding me over, cropping and creasing

I thought ours would be a Sakura Spring
The perfect arrangement, an Ikebana creation
Instead, she stunted and tonsured me like a Bonsai

The Zen-like life I looked forward to, a Kabuki stage of theatrical performance
Taiko drums and Jujutsu bouts of battle every day
Sharp words like pungent Wasabi, me shred into Sashimi slivers
Followed by too much Sake to dull the senses

Now this proud Samurai has been beaten into submission
A mere Manga caricature, ready to say Sayonara to the world





  1. I’ve always loved the melodramatic of the Antony and Cleopatra and the Romeo and Juliet. The song “Killing me softly” also comes to mind. Ah! the romance of it! But alas, this shall not be. A Geisha girl huh! – what an imagination. Brilliant Work – I can see this played out on a stage based on your imagery!😉 Chevvy.

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      1. The subconscious mind is an amazing place I find and that’s why it feels like it wrote itself. Great to have you back in one piece and enjoy your weekend too!

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      2. Not much, I’ve been off the blog this week, was just popping in. My subconscious is taking a break Lol! I’ll see how things go next week. But you know that I have an addiction😀

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      1. You’re most welcome–I’m glad to be connected with your blog again (I changed blogs recently, and it takes awhile to gather up all my favorite folks from the previous one)!

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