Hindi Haiku (an experiment)

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Please, God, Give Me Patience

Every time you line up at the counter in an orderly queue
You are always bound to come up against these typical few

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My Biker Chick

Tired of being single, I looked to settle down, find myself a wife
Little did I know I was in for the wildest ride of my life

Met this girl at a bar, man, she looked swell
Seemed single and ready to mingle, but who could tell

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Brands Make the Man

Came into a cool couple of million through a Nigerian scam
Thought I’d go splurge to better who I am

Clothes maketh the man, so with a craving for all things luxe
What better way to spend a few easy bucks

Donning these fancy labels and tags
They’d add way more style to my swag

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Hundreds of messages waiting for me
Online friendships aplenty
Inducing me to adultery
And hot, kinky sex for free
Porn, more porn and all kinds of pills
Poker, psychics, tarot and thrills

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