Young turks, crass riff raff, a foot in the door and then gradually elbowing their way in. Desperate to control, a sign of the times.

The genteel, old fogies, value systems constrained, constricted and then crowded out, shown the door.

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Happy Saturday, folks! It’s my absolute pleasure to bring back someone who’s mostly on, sometimes off on this site – Nandita from Manan Unleashed.

She’s active again. Please pop in at
and have a dekko – it’s worth the while!

Enjoy your weekend!


Papa & PYT

So wifey’s away and dad is pottering in the kitchen. It’s a papa & PYT lunch date at home. If the daughter wasn’t there, I’d do things differently, but all the same, here I am, trying my hand with whatever is close at hand and I can dig out.

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Hear the Rainbow

Close your eyes and listen. In the darkness, you will hear the evocative sounds of colours.

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