While under COVID lockdown, and on a walk, I came across this striking metal mural of Lord Shiva – the Destroyer. I thought it apt for days like these when the end of the world seems nigh. And here below is my poem inspired by it: Continue reading →

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

“The world is my family”, originally comes from the Upanishads, ancient Sanskrit tomes.
In this time of  a global pandemic and near-universal lockdown, it has salience in that we’re truly all in it together – East, West, rich, poor, black, white, brown, Hindu, Muslim, young, old – and the only way to overcome, recover, heal it is by forming a brotherhood.

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Viraha* – situations, words & meanings

* Viraha (Hindi) – The realisation of love through separation. A dedication to the town of Rishikesh, to which I was to travel today, but haven’t because of the COVID lockdown.

“I choose to visit it again & again because it provides solace to my soul and leaves me refreshed & rejuvenated to carry on with the humdrum affairs of my life with greater vigour.”

Bridge Across Time



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Sangam (The River and a Rivulet)

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“Again?” & “Alone?”

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