A Megalomaniac Jackass


Since childhood, I’ve had this one megalomaniacal thought – forget big, fancy cars or large mansions or palaces – I have always wanted to rule the world, or atleast a small nation with a few million inhabitants. Well, a small fiefdom would also have sufficed. The underlying idea was simple – to have to have subservient minions, pandering to my ego! And even at this ripe old age of eighty four, I am unable to rid myself of that admitedly stupid idea!

Not getting peace of mind, I thought of retiring to my farmhouse to find respite. So promptly, I arrived there.

Came night, I fell asleep. The good Lord appeared in my dreams and knowing my wish, He offered to make me  Queen bee in my next birth, lording it over thousands of other bees in a large honeycomb. A Queen bee? I protested! Getting screwed and laying thousands…

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Unspeakable Love

How thoroughly wonderful when two voices come together as one! Enjoy this lovely read!

Emotional Spaces

Intro: This is part of a real conversation (tweaked a bit for meter and rhyming purposes) between the two peotic souls who own/manage this blog.

My pen hasn’t bled in a while, said I

Remember how it never used to go dry?

My nib would constantly pierce out of my bosom

Spilling ink onto page, bleeding with good reason

You ARE poetry and so will it remain thus

This love so strong, it takes the words from us

But the poetry always remains, my beloved

For, in your bosom lies the fountainhead

But I’m all out of poetry now, blunt are my paper swords

Unspeakable love I feel, I am so lost for words

Help me, dear Muse, all the inspiration your love begets

Squeeze me and wring out of me the last dregs

Rather would I fill you, darling muse, with my essence

Until poetry…

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