My ode, my paean to a supposedly heartless city which has captured mine from Day 1…

newyork1Mythical, legendary, Hollywoodian, all too real
A microcosm of America, the world, life itself, with all its disparities

A city on steroids which ensnares you, eats you alive & spits you out
A Mecca with a brazen, in-your-face attitude

A whore of an island which usurps the limelight
And four step-sisterly buroughs that barely matter to the outsider

Where chaos 24×7, pulsating energy, adrenaline rush
Course, fast-paced, like blood jackhammering through veins

Where ambition and achievement soar above
And illusionary towers shield the reality of the sky

The bleeding edge, where the future is born, where the sharpest minds congregate
From the depths and dankness of the subway to heavenly heights

The River, the Lady, the Bridge, the Tunnel, Central Park, Broadway, Times Square, the Village
Hurrying, harried pavements, a testimony to dreams and desperation

The buzz, the vibe, the X factor, sensual attractions
The noise, the smells, the dirt, bodily functions and secretions

The streets and avenues, gaudy and garish, insomnia inducing glam, glitz
With immigrants, tourists, moths drawn to an incomparable flame

A city, which epitomizes an inviting “fuck me”
A city, which epitomizes a belligerent, confrontational “fuck you”

New York. Take a deep breath in
New York. You can never let it out


  1. An ode was the best way to do this – she is a city with attitude who befuddles your brain and steals your heart but I’ve heard that she can leave you heartbroken because people are always on the move to and from whence they came.
    I like your use of the word jackhammering – it somehow epitomises that never-ending – persistent auditory attack. Not sure I heard the incessant sound of the whistling down and hoots of the Taxi cabs but this poem is quite a sensory feast. I take a bow to the poet 😀

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      1. Well have fun for all of us.My visit was about 8 years ago but feels like yesterday. I remember standing next to Danny Devito on the pavement in 5th Ave and feeling very tall 😀 I think you got the description down pat!!

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  2. Oh fantastic! I love every line, every word, especially the “fuck me, fuck you” part. So so true!! How I would have loved to have met you when I was there. 🙂 I need to add another poem to my NY poem collection soon. 😉 Perfection!

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  3. Wow, off the charts right on!
    “A city on steroids which ensnares you, eats you alive & spits you out…” If you are lucky the city will spit you out!
    Amazing how you captured the essence and all the facets of this city, down to the “…And four step-sisterly buroughs that barely matter to the outsider…”
    The rhythm of the poem is New York, in some way relentless! I could feel the pulse of the city. I haven’t been there in a few years, thanks for the visit.

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