Since this is my first ‘how to’, I’m going to keep it real simple. We’re going to do Prawns in Mustard Sauce (OK, for the Americans, it’s Shrimp). And all you need is 5 readymade ingredients. Uh, actually, make that 6.

Ummm, no, 7.

To begin, pick up a half kilo (for the benefit of the Americans in the house, that’s a little over a pound {they just have to be different from the rest of us, don’t they?} and you guys can get some more, with your kind of appetite) of shelled, deveined prawns/shrimp/whatever. Medium sized is fine. That’s the first ingredient. Cut open the pack and pile them onto a dish.

Add a copious amount of Old Bay seasoning. Ingredient No.2

And even more of yellow mustard, your choice of brand. Number 3.

Fourth, crush some coarse, fresh ground pepper, as much as you can bear. And finally, sprinkle some red chilli flakes. That’s 5, for the Americans who might need a calculator. Again, depending on your preferred spice level (see, I’m Indian!).

Mix well. Go on, use your hands. Cover them with shrink wrap and keep them to marinate for a couple of hours. Now, do your own thing and come back to the kitchen 10 minutes before you want to eat.

Take a coated frying pan, turn up the heat and dump the stuff in there. Here’s where the sixth ingredient comes into play. Like our mamas all told us, cooking needs TLC. So be gentle, be nice, be good to the prawns/shrimp.

If you want it sauce-y, put the lid on and turn the heat down. Or, keep the flame on high. Test whether the prawns/shrimp are done. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Transfer to your plate and get yourself a fork. If you’re going to photograph your preparation and Instagram or Pin it, maybe you want to jazz it up with some chopped spring onion greens. But that’s just a garnish, not to be counted, since it’s an optional.

Seventh, (and this is the kicker). Grab an ice cold beer – one last time for the Americans, anything but Bud, because that’s NOT beer – and pop the can open.

Eat and swig alternately. Burp! excuse me, that’s the beer! Burrrpp! Aaaah…



Last night I couldn’t sleep,
I tried counting sheep
To many rams, I added as many ewes
But the total still didn’t reach zzzzz

I started at the beginning
Lined them up in a queue
One by one, they jumped over the fence
Each one muttering, “damn you!”

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How many times can a man resist?
I did, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

I flirted with Korea and Canada
A Finnish affair lasted slighted longer
But it never did work out
And for a while, my mobile nakedness
Was embarrassing for all to see
My Eve, long fallen
And my daughter, completely smitten
Chastised me and demanded
I hide behind a shiny new fig leaf

When Steve’s serpent enticed me again

Now I have bitten into the appetizing lure
Of a metallic silver object of desire
Which has taken a bite out of my wallet
And added a few more dollars to a 190 billion stash
With this forbidden fruit
In my constant company
I join the company of Adam, Newton and William Tell

I have succumbed to the charms
Of Cupertino’s Garden of Eden
So help me, God


nI aint a new age guru leading you to salvation
Nor a prophet offering no stairway to heaven
I’m just a silly old blogger, that’s me
Still, ma’am/sir, can I ask you follow me?

Neither an A-list celeb, nor star nor hotshot
Don’t have no branded merchandise or autographed mugshot
Not even a millionaire with advice for free
Just a fella with time on hand asking you to follow me

No theory, jargon, Plato, or Sartre for sure
No bungee jumping tales, no intrepid travelogue, I’m quite the bore
I’m just sitting with mouse and keypad, making a simple plea
Asking people like you to come, follow me

Not much to offer, just breeze in and out
No sweepstakes to win, nothing to shout about
I’m no politician, Pied Piper or Queen Bee
I’m just looking for a few likes, someone to follow me

No heavy-duty philosophy or angst-y stuff this time,
Nothing serious, just a two-bit rhyme
I’m keeping it as simple as it can be
You get the gist… now please follow me