Let me introduce Donald the dyslexic
One heck of a happy-go-lucky dcuk
Not a care in the world, living on a farm
With his bestie, a chicken named Hcuk

Together, both would frolic all day
Skipping around in farmyard mcuk
One waddling and quacking with joy
While the other would hop and clcuk Continue reading →


Righto, here we go! Change into your oldest, dirtiest pair of clothes and get the gear out – tackle, boots, worms… no, I’m only baiting you and you fell for it, didn’t you, hook, line & sinker?!

This is another rather simple preparation – fish in lemon butter sauce with capers and parsley. Made using frozen supermarket fish – I’ve made this using basa, pomfret (butterfish), and Indian saltwater salmon (‘rawas’). I’d suggest boneless fillets of any fish type that has a mild taste.

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