Father (& son)

A trio from my dad.


I went looking for Him
at every other door
And there He was
waiting patiently
holding my own door open
for me to return


Wherever I rest my tired feet
is a spot of pilgrimage
Whatever my restless hands create
is an idol
Is this how it feels when a mere glimpse
lasts an age


As I stand
watching gentle sea waves
And in the distance
clouds hug the horizon in tight embrace
It’s time to say Grace



  1. Kunal,
    These thoughts show such a close relationship with the One and an abundance of faith. They are a blessing to read and bring gratitude in my heart.
    Blessings to your father and you dear friend.
    Dajena 🙂

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  2. Wow! I don’t think I have another adjective for this! Your father is exceptionally good K! Now we know where your writing genes come from 😉
    I especially like Open Doors and Grace… The mere idea of Open Doors and the depth in it is amazing… It still haunts me (for the first time I remember each word I’ve read and it has created an image in my head I can never forget)! And Grace… Ah beautifully written… The usage of words to describe the clouds embracing the horizon… Sheer genius 🙂
    One of the first posts I have read today and I can’t stop smiling at my decision to read posts instead of the newspaper 🙂

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  3. These trio are a blessing to read, Kunal. They make me have a smiling sigh. ❤

    Specially these lines:
    "clouds hug the horizon in tight embrace
    It’s time to say Grace".

    Great. 🙂



  4. A wonderful expression of beautiful thoughts and emotions.a glimpse of bonds sacred and cherished.The depth of the words is remarkable.Its essence sinks deeper as you read and retread.

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