1. Funny, I was just commenting on Boris’s hair last night. It’s actually beautiful hair but bad hairdo. Of course that’s in the midst of wondering what the Brexit is going to mean for everyone. Seems to me that yesterday was an historic day in its potential impacts on Europe and the rest of the world. Our currency took a knock and our gold price soared. We all just don’t know the multiple sneezes that will arise from the cough. By the look of it, those who coughed woke up and were surprised themselves.

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      1. Indeed – Lord have mercy! I’ve been thinking that in future the world might belong to the people but it needs to be thinking and informed people. I get the idea that something went horribly wrong and leaders are either jumping or being pushed. Lord have mercy indeed!

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      2. You got it! I was trying to find a quote I heard on Sky last night: “Be careful of committing suicide, you might live to regret it”
        I think if the world belongs to us commoners which it does through social media, we should be educating each other. I find that some people don’t even realise where my country is on the map. Yep there’s prayers and work to be done!

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    1. I agree, but then till only the day before who’d have imagined that Brexit would be a reality? And every Orlando and UK-EU split gives Trump a few more votes… Fingers crossed…
      And a hug across the seas! 😊

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