Superfood Scramble

Veganism’s on the rise, soy & almond milk are in
Dairy of all kinds is a big sin
Barley, quinoa, organic are so yesterday
There are new-fangled fads having their say

So, encouraged by well-meaning kin and kith 
All taken in by the superfood myth
I scanned the supermarket shelf
For my dose of wellness and health

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Seventh Heaven

When the city of seven gates*

Ascends the seven storeys^

Hears the primordial Sound# resonate

Far beyond the seven second echo of the temple bell

And sees the seven colours merge into The One

It is the seventh heaven

* The Bhagvad Gita refers to the human body as the City with 9 Gates – openings for the 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, the mouth, the genitals and the anus. I have used this as seven, with the thought that we use principally the senses located in the head to experience.

^ The seven chakras

# Referring to Om. It is said that temple bells form the A-U-M sound when they are rung and they are meant to resonate for 7 seconds.

Inspired by yet another visit to Rishikesh, this time climbing uphill and up several flights of stairs to a multi-tiered temple overlooking the town. This is piece no. 3/5

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