Viraha* – situations, words & meanings

* Viraha (Hindi) – The realisation of love through separation. A dedication to the town of Rishikesh, to which I was to travel today, but haven’t because of the COVID lockdown.

“I choose to visit it again & again because it provides solace to my soul and leaves me refreshed & rejuvenated to carry on with the humdrum affairs of my life with greater vigour.”

Bridge Across Time



Catch the Drift


Sangam (The River and a Rivulet)

A Love Mutual

Where I’m At

“Again?” & “Alone?”

By the Ganga

Folded Hands

Tears of Homecoming

Dissolution is the Solution


3 Steps to Nirvana

Seventh Heaven

Giving It All Away

Heaven & Earth

On Silence


On Meeting Her Again

And he sits


Up ‘n Down – II

A peep through a break in the wall. Flowing, aqua water below. Steep rocks to climb down. White, sandy, riverine beach. Solitude, tranquility, serenity…

From a recent visit to my haven in the hills of North India. Continue reading →

Bridge Across Time

Late-November. Evening lapses into grays with vivid orange flashes of dusk. Driving towards a long-standing desire. Where different millennia are juxtaposed in one single geography.

Destination reached, I park and alight. And take the bridge across time. Continue reading →