Age old town, ageless river
Misty mountains and sky above
Temples and trees
Spires of spirituality
The wise and the wizened 
Bhajans, shlokas, gongs, chimes       
Haze and halos
An envelope, an embrace
Mystics, mendicants, monks & monkeys
Wanderers and wonderers
Questions and answers
Bridges and boats
Transport to the other side of a quest
Glare of sun, glow of lamps
Noise without discord 
An assailing of the senses
Urging a turn inwards
The dust beneath  
A sure, soothing underneath
Each grain blessed
Trod upon by the soles of sages and saints 
And amid the seers, I a seeker

A seeker who has succumbed
To the intoxicating atmosphere and inexorable pull




  1. Stirring, especially to one who was there in December of 2019 (and 2 successive years before that)..
    ‘Spires of spirituality’ and the monks, mendicants, sadhus, and monkeys, the serene hills, and – the divine river in pure aquamarine flow – the sacred Ganga..

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    1. Thanks for the read! And pleased to meet you, fellow frequenter! It amazes me how my idea of a fave city has changed from the New Yorks to the Rishikeshes! I was lucky enough to make it again this last March 🙂

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