Nothing overt seems to have happened
But a smile breaks out
On your face
As wide as an upturned rainbow

And you’re enveloped
On a winter morn
In a feather comforter of warmth

Seated alone, by yourself
You get goosebumps
And an apparition brushes past

Suddenly the dam breaks
And tears spout forth
Only, not of sorrow

A subliminal feeling overwhelms
Your senses get aroused
You see light, you hear the sound

It’s a different realm
When You unite with the Universe
The Consciousness with the Cosmic
The Body, the Being
The Self, the Spirit




  1. Thank you, MMM! I do not know the subtle whys, whats and hows, and call it what you will – divine grace, His blessing, etc – but things happen and I am truly grateful for them! πŸ™‚ ….. and then it’s time to return to the big, bad city 😦

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