1. Am Glad… thought you would! And I hope you got the underlying meaning I’m trying to convey? It’s a Rishikesh piece, so you’ll understand. 😊
      Thanks, my dear!



      1. This is what i am thinking — correct me and help me – if i am off track — A hundred thousand sun rays fall, a million rainbows, a zillion white waves and spring breezes – when one, just one enters my heart, in moment of supreme blessedness – i touch infinity, now and forever.
        Is it something i did? Or something that happened because it had to? Grace of the Universe. I know not. All i know is i am blessed and offer my heart and life in gratitude to all That is – always has been and will be. Har Har Mahadev ki Jai!

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      2. Wow, so eloquently put, better than I ever could!
        My meaning is simple – His grace, His bliss is always floating around, we just have to ride the wave… Thanks, again, for this lovely interaction!

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