Dark of form,
with ash-smeared body,
gnarnled, matted hair,
rudrakhsha and tiger skin.

Who resides in the snow-clad abodes
of Kailasa, the five Kedars,
Mani Mahesh and Shrikhand Mahadev.
In Benares and Ujjain and Nasik.
And in the hearts of a countless.

who are AshtaMurti, Chaumukha, Triambaka,
Sadashiv, Omkara, Rudra, Arunachalam,
Natraja, Pasupati and Ardhanarishvara.
Shankara, Shambhu and AdiYogi.
Bholenath and Kalabhairava.

Who are without beginning and without end.
From whom the holy Ganga emanates.
On whose head rests the crescent.
The father of time.

Who is merged into utter and absolute stillness.
Who exists in the emptiness beyond all that is.
Who is unbounded and all pervasive.
Whom tonight celebrates.
A night of intoxication and rapture.
Of fixity, enlightenment and dissolution.

I humbly dedicate this to you.



I hold you in my gaze

Warm, the cockles of my heart

The beats, a now recognisable constant

Dull noir pulsates to hyper-saturated chromas

In breaths and out

Stream of consciousness triggering synapses

Agitated ‘Nowhere-ness’ to limpid ‘now-here-ness’

A discordant indigo mind turns into a more placid azure

Eyes well up

I blink away a tiny tear 

As the heart drinks deep

I am back

Up ‘n Down – II

A peep through a break in the wall. Flowing, aqua water below. Steep rocks to climb down. White, sandy, riverine beach. Solitude, tranquility, serenity…

From a recent visit to my haven in the hills of North India. Continue reading →

On Meeting Her Again

Desire manifests
and the heart longs again
The Universe delivers
A sense of expectation develops

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