Timeless, countless, no intervals

In every breath I take,
Some 4 seconds apart

In every beat of my heart,
About 75 times a minute

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The War Within (Bilingual)

There are times thoughts gather
Which I cannot wish away

Let’s walk a step towards peace
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Young turks, crass riff raff, a foot in the door and then gradually elbowing their way in. Desperate to control, a sign of the times.

The genteel, old fogies, value systems constrained, constricted and then crowded out, shown the door.

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This took off from a song I came across.Now traditional Indian folk music is not my everyday cup of tea, but there’s something about the tune that hooked me. The lyrics are about a lover who’s remembering and missing her man who’s gone off elsewhere in search of work.

  • AVE HITCHKI – Hindi for “I’ve got the hiccups”.
    According to old folklore, hiccups occur when someone is thinking about you.

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