Thoughts, memories.

Of time shared.

Of the face, the eyes, the hair, the lips, the smile.

Of the conversations, the voice, the laughter.

Of the pleasure, the happiness, the feeling of completeness.

Of the fragrance, of warmth, of the softest of touches.

Of the wait, the anticipation of the next moment.

Of what was never meant to be.



  1. There was no Reply facility to your comment above. So I had to start a new comment.

    I have been listening to Sadhguru since mid 2015. And yes since then, a lot of my thinking has been influenced by his talks.

    I participated in the IE course just because my friend needed company and… well I was curious. But I had no expectations. I admit it was a very powerful and intense experience. I have written a short poem, which I will post soon.

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    1. I’ve heard him occasionally and do find him erudite & articulate and he has an interesting take on Philosophy. Separately, I’ve also done the Art of Living Sudarshan Kriya course and found it helping simply because of the hyper oxygenation technique they use.

      Meanwhile, I look forward to your poem, as always



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