It’s the shortest bridge ever.

Although you cannot see the other side.

What lies across,

Where it leads to

No one knows.

To pass over, it takes an instant.

But you have to live a lifetime to do so.

It connects two worlds.

All that’s past. And the future.

Pass over it, everyone must.

One day.

And alone.

You don’t know when.

But pass over it, oh yes, you must.

And there’s no coming back.

It brings forth anxiety in people.



Even fearfulness.

And it leaves behind sorrow.



In those to whom you’ve bid adieu.

And when it’s my time

I hope the road beyond

Ascends upwards.


Swallows soaring in cerulean skies
Butterflies flitting hither thither
Glorious, invigorating summer sun

Christmases white with carpets of snow
The ensconsing warmth of the hearth
Snowflakes wafting slowly down

Majestic thunderstorms, multihued arcs Continue reading →