Between two breaths
Between two heartbeats
There is life

Even in a blink
There is vision

Before tears
There is sorrow

Between two thoughts
There is inspiration

Within silence
There is a voice heard

Underneath turbulence
There is tranquility

In the crest and dip of a wave
Between a spark and a flame
Between two words
There is a story

There is a story
Between the setting of the sun and night fall

There is a story
Between a leaf dying and falling to the ground

There is a story
Between a raindrop forming and precipitating

There is a story
Between the ebb and flow of the tides

There is a story
Between sleeping and awakening


Read it, write it, live it, tell it



  1. Sorry, couldn’t resist adding to the chain 🙂

    Even in a moment
    There’s a story

    In the split of a second
    A glimpse of your smile

    A rest for a while,
    There’s a story

    Behind or before us
    There’s a story

    Therein lies the magic
    The glory!

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  2. I don’t know why , but I have teary eyes after reading this. Between reading your poem and writing this comment , so many stories flashed in my mind . Awesome work , K ,

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      1. Ah Baby, those tears are good tears I’m sure and compliments to the artist that elicits those emotions. My stories are too many to tell – but always the hope is that “from this too we shall rise” 😀

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  3. Very beautiful expressions. What would our stories be without words.Endless thoughts ,endless stories waiting impatiently to be split.Evocative with tremendous depth bending towards forgotten moments..Great work Kunal!

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