Seventh Heaven

When the city of seven gates*

Ascends the seven storeys^

Hears the primordial Sound# resonate

Far beyond the seven second echo of the temple bell

And sees the seven colours merge into The One

It is the seventh heaven

* The Bhagvad Gita refers to the human body as the City with 9 Gates – openings for the 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, the mouth, the genitals and the anus. I have used this as seven, with the thought that we use principally the senses located in the head to experience.

^ The seven chakras

# Referring to Om. It is said that temple bells form the A-U-M sound when they are rung and they are meant to resonate for 7 seconds.

Inspired by yet another visit to Rishikesh, this time climbing uphill and up several flights of stairs to a multi-tiered temple overlooking the town. This is piece no. 3/5

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Today, I wish for my country…

It’s India’s 67th Republic Day. And as we move forward and take our place in the sun, here’s what I wish for. It’s by eminent poet & Nobel Laureate and the only man who’s composed the national anthems of two countries (India & Bangladesh) – Rabindranath Tagore, and is a masterful, inspirational piece of poetry. I’m sure most Indians on this forum will be familiar with it!

Enjoy the read!

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10,9,8,7… No Mas? No Way!

Get up, stand up, carry on the fight
Don’t you dare call it a night
Don’t you lose focus, don’t lose sight

You can’t quit, it ain’t over and out
There’s always but always another bout
So get up again and shed that doubt

There’s a crown to win, don’t lose hope
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