It Hurts, But It’s Funny

A big lesson to be learned here

Lifting weights wrongly can give you a hernia

Especially now that you’re not a junior

An abdominal lump quite peculiar

Ignoring it can cause unbearable pain, yeah

Then you wait for the doctor in turn, yeah

Realize that surgeries can completely burn ya

But it’s the only hope it doesn’t return, nah

Damn that darn infernal hernia



  1. Oh my, Kunal! I’m so sorry to hear this … but I’ve had to realize, too, that I not as young and spry as I used to be … and my dear son reminds me of this quite often! LOL Hope and pray you recover very quickly and fully, my friend

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  2. hi, about two months ago i got the same prob but very minimal. Gained weight , then lost it and after that was doing the same weights and felt it the next day, i had the prob when i was born but was fixed and my dad always told me not to do bowling when i was young (which i never listened). So i stopped going to gym and i just do running now. Will consult a doc when i go back home as im in uae. But its very frustrating for my body that is accustomed to lifting weights. I have a great fear to surgery so im taking all precautions possible. Hope you get well soon.

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