Oh, man! Menopause…

Hot flashes, flushed face
Is it going to be one of those days?

Emotions running high, patience low
Not knowing which way the wind blows, I go with the flow

No words spoken, still a fight
No matter I didn’t do anything, it’s alright

It’s all because
It’s menopause

Showing all the symptoms: mood-swings like a pendulum,
Passion, vulnerability, depression, irritability, temper tantrums

Say something, don’t talk to me
Come closer, just goddamn let me be

It’s so bloody hot, no it’s freezing cold
Get away from me, no hug me close, tighten your hold

Sigh, it’s all because
It’s menopause

I’m tired and hungry, you’re always only eating
Are you cheating, who’ve you been meeting?

Say you love me, am I bloated and fat
Do you really want me to honestly answer that?

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, why I’m upset
It’s alright, honey, I know how it gets

Just chill, it’s all because
It’s menopause

Men get it too, so don’t you worry
It’s only our middle aged hormones going awry

And that’s a fact, but of course
Except in our case, it’s called andropause



  1. Yeah, a fun read about a fact of life! And you say that you go with the flow ? 😀 the irony of that – ha!ha! But I learnt something new – didn’t know about the andropause. That explains why seasoned ladies go for what we call Ben Tens around here – the younger men. But we remain young at heart right?

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  2. Yes Kunal, play it safe better go with the flow.As you know it is a no win situation. Honestly it such a good read fun all the way . I really loved a great write brought Stanley back to life. What a way to start the week.😄😄😜

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  3. HE HA HA HA HA ! Am far away from that one , but many of things fit the state I am in …Lol ! If this stems from your personal experince ..you have my sympathy !

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  4. You write wonderfully, I love how you captured the reality of menopause within this.
    I definitely found it humourous but I aimed to take it seriously. As I’m witnessing my mother enduring this, and it seems quiet a bother.

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