Love’s Lunar Calendar

We met on a full moon day

And my heart was all radiant

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The War Within (Bilingual)

There are times thoughts gather
Which I cannot wish away

Let’s walk a step towards peace
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The Deliciousness of Words – 6

In continuation from earlier… Some of the most evocative words are in languages other than English and have no direct equivalents – here are some which have struck a chord in me. I’m going to post them a couple at a time, with explanations, for you to savour. 

And guys, feel free to contribute some more in languages you speak / know, which I can compile.

This week, who hasn’t felt this hasn’t lived… it’s the stuff that poetry is made of…only the French could come up with such a magically expressive phrase! Continue reading →

10,9,8,7… No Mas? No Way!

Get up, stand up, carry on the fight
Don’t you dare call it a night
Don’t you lose focus, don’t lose sight

You can’t quit, it ain’t over and out
There’s always but always another bout
So get up again and shed that doubt

There’s a crown to win, don’t lose hope
Put up your guard, rebound off the ropes Continue reading →