Toilet Humour

This came about after reading that Japan is moving towards Western style toilets in anticipation of the Olympics, and also with recent articles here in the local press about the benefits of one over the other. Enjoy!

Hell with the cool features, I want clean
Don’t care about design, give me hygiene
Forget the required etiquette
To use a high-end bidet
I have more basic things to ask
Before I get on to my task

Sit or squat
With questions I’m wrought
Wash or wipe
With doubt I’m fraught,
There’s so much debate, so much thought
It makes me quite, quite distraught
That so much opinion is sought
That argumentative online battles are fought
That so much angst it has brought
A simple everyday job on the pot

So, Asian or Western, what’s the correct code
For the mornings on the commode
Tell me quick, I might explode





      1. Have you ever been there at the throne at the nth moment and exploded…Isnt the feeling of stool leaving your territory unmatched then😁 Gosh….I cant believe am writing this comment…🐽😳😌

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  1. Before I went to take my ease
    I read the instructions in Japanese,
    There was way too much information
    And, may I say, too much bad translation,
    So that’s another job I’ve not got around to.

    Though it’s something I know I’m bound to..

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    1. Hahahahaha, I like this! I believe they have these rather fancy fancy commodes, although I’ve never been there. Thanks! Appreciate the read & the comment in the form of verse!



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