Between Breads (Americana vs Bambaiya)

When in the USA, in the hot summer sun
I thought what could be more American
Than a big, fat beef patty on a burger bun
And thus I began my fun expedition

I traveled far & wide, from coast to coast
Searching for the perfect burger meal
So that I could return to India and boast
Of having had the real deal

At arm’s length and wherever you see
The welcoming golden arches of Micky D
Big Mac with cheese, fries & Coke
A cheap, convenient way to your hunger stoke

Chains like Wendy’s, Hardees and Burger King
For their Whopper and onion rings
Jack in the Box, In n Out, Johnny Rocket and Fuddruckers
Whataburger, Whitecastle, Carl’s Jr and Culvers

Sonic, Shake Shack, Steak n Shake, Red Robin and 5 Guys
Flame grilled, broiled, homestyle, curly and crinkle fries
Bacon, mushrooms, slaw, pickle, jalapeno and mayo
Horseradish, microgreens, egg, mustard, dash of Tabasco

Fatburger, Shackburger, turkey, avocado and Ranch dressing
The mom & pop diner’s secret sauce made my taste buds sing
Garlic aioli, salsa, roasted peppers, whiskey or BBQ sauce
Mac & cheese, beans, toppings to make each a tour de force

Not quite satiated in spite of having put on many pounds
Sodas and fast food of any kind ought to be out of bounds
Still, I thought of the one thing that could hit America outta the ground
Having gorged the 50 states but nothing like it having found

A simple crisp-fried patty of chickpea batter, spices, chili and potato
Smothered in chutney in a bun, to be relished hot while on-the-go
Welcome to Bombay’s very own, wrapped-in-newspaper, humble Vada Pao
Unbranded, artisanal, and tell you what, incomparably wow

*Bambaiya – local slang for something originating from Bombay




      1. Tx, S! Think of those – like me – who absolutely love meat but are trying to be veg ;). But yeah, vada pao ain’t exactly lo-cal, neither are bhajiya-pakora or anything monsoon-y 😦


  1. And now Kunal you got me drooling for a Vadapao. With gunpowder chutney and a fried chilly. If you keep these foodie poems comming I am sure I will get a great appetite just reading them.

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  2. Wafting Aroma of that qtr pounder (peppercorn, salt, and seasoning) slathered in butter and the cheese melt on top. Onions sauteed all the fixings such (lettuce, tomato that perfect bread that is soft enough to bite into but firm enough to withstand the mustard ketchup and Mayo (Any other condiments (love some siracha mayo myself). Compare this to that humble but multi-utilitarian Paav, that potato fritters which needs the least of seasoning to provide the most amazing epicurean delight with coriander-mint and garlic sauce……you go ahead and choose if you have too. Apan to dono dabayega Thank You Very Much!!



      1. When I got married from Maharashtra in Karnataka I missed maharashtrian food a lot!It took me time to adjust to the food there.And now in USA my city doesn’t have many options for Indian food.And vada paav doesn’t exist πŸ˜„

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