The evil that men perpetrate

Diabolical deeds, disturbing drama

The disrobing of Draupadi

Defaced by Dushasana’s dirty hands

The miracle of the Lord

In the Indian epic, the Mahabharata, Draupadi was the wife of the Pandavas. When the eldest of the brothers wagered and lost all he had in a game of dice, he was urged to bet on his wife. When she too was lost, his evil cousin Dushasana dragged her by her hair and tried to humiliate her in court, whereupon she prayed to Lord Krishna to save her modesty.Ā  Legend goes, He made her sari of infinite length to prevent the public outrage.

The red background in my painting is the sheer audacity of and the anger at the act, the white masking tape is her endless sari, the thumbprints are Dushasana’s dirty hands.


Links to some of my older attempts at painting:

Writing, Through A Brush

The Shiva Trilogy

And from scribbles is born art



  1. You are sooooo creative! Love the painting – and the words. The dark dripping marks in the red and the purple ones in the masking tape. Just as poems convey more than the sum of the words in them – so does this painting. Thank YOU šŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you, sir! Ive come across an interesting theory which puts forth that the Pandavas are your 5 senses, the Kauravas the 100 vices and Krishna the intellect which helps you sift the good from the bad. Interesting stuff, all in all. Many thanks, again!

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