Writing, Through A Brush

The one time that my brush has composed the words to a piece of free verse.

Pure, pristine innocence.

And soon sucked into a stained, spiraling vortex.
Of avarice and temptation. Lust. Greed. Gluttony.

Jealousy. Anger. Doubt. Anxiety. Negativity.

Impatience. Sloth. Conceit. Fear. Withdrawal. Denial. Falsehoods.

Ephemeral pursuits. Vice.

The preponderance of the I.

A myriad inveigling hues of the horned sorcerer.
A relentless whorl.

Till the very end.

And then, a reversal, a revertal, a return to the origin.


39 thoughts on “Writing, Through A Brush

  1. Wow ! Great versatility from literary to culinary to artistic heights just great. The painting instantly makes an impact.The brilliant colours their symbolism and the ultimate use of white speaks volumes.As for the poetic expression it enhances the beauty of the visual impact.

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