The Shiva Trilogy

…and here I go again! Rendered three ways – pencil, crayon and paint on canvas.



Shiva is the mythical Hindu God of destruction. He’s generally depicted with matted hair in dreadlocks, with a crescent moon and as the fount of the river Ganges. It is said that when he opens his third eye, it means that he’s angry and it’s the end of the world as we know it.

But I’ve taken the liberty of visualising and articulating it differently – he’s opened his third eye to take in all there is to possibly know in the Universe, which is why there are streaks of vivid energy all around his head, as a result of which his hair has unwound itself into wild swirls to depict freedom from being bound down by simple, worldly knowledge.

Interpret it how you will, but I hope you like it!


  1. Superb Kunal! You have captured Shiva’s essence very nicely. Writing talent, culinary talent and now this ! You are truly gifted . So glad you have opened your “third eye”.., we will all benefit from this. Looking forward to more creativity.

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  2. In yoga practice there is an asana called Dance of Shiva, and I like to joke it doesn’t look like a dance of destruction, but then again, would we always recognize it if we saw it coming? 🙂 Wonderful art, Kunal.

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  3. Har Har Mahadev ki Jai! Beautiful! Does Mahadev gets angry and destroy the world? He is Bholenath and sooo compassionate – i love your pictures and thoughts – He opens His third eye and holds the Universe within Himself in pure love. 🙂

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