And from scribbles is born art

My first attempt at painting on canvas, so be nice, guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s a creative interpretation of the Mahabharata, the great, ancient Indian epic. For those who might not be familiar, it’s an allegorical spiritual story, within which is embedded the Gita – the discourse given by Lord Krishna and one of the sacredย Hindu texts.

Anyway, so the red is the bloodied battlefield of the mind, with the five white dots representing the goodness of the Pandavas or the 5 senses; the 100 black dots, the evil of the Kauravas or vices and the golden burst at the bottom, Lord Krishna who represents the intellect. The grey dot was actually a mistake but I added it to represent Karna, or desire, who is brother to the Pandavas and is meant to propel you upwards and forward but fights for the Kauravas – as it is in real life where it ever so often falls prey to vice.

I had fun doing this. Hope you like it!



  1. Hi Kunal, I don’t really know what I like most, the painting or the concept behind it. Mmmm I will settle, I like them both. What catches my eyes is the white background where after the red paint was placed, it looks like a battlefield in the snow. Very nice ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. When I saw it first I said; Nice, it’s like sun rise, taking out the darkness.
    Then clicked and read the post.
    Now when I look at it, it I see a warfield, strategy, bloodshed, mahabharata.
    See what copywriting can do. Epic!

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      1. Hey Kunal, I guess I’m back though I’ll probably be less regular than before.
        I’m well. It’s just been a very turbulent month in our country where it feels like everyday is a shock to the system. The political pendulum has shifted significantly. As to me, I’ll know later today whether I’ve been successful on something I’ve been working on.
        Hope you are doing well and I’m looking forward to seeing some new poems from you.๐Ÿ˜Š

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  3. “… and the golden burst at the bottom, Lord Krishna who represents the intellect.” Is he ~ that is, the intellect ~ also Atman? Just wondering if I remember correctly. Very good painting that depicts well your explanation! (And vice-versa)

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