My heart

It once came across an angel

White wore she

Her halo intact

Her aura glowed

Pure and pristine

Subtle, sweet, ethereal

It followed her and took flight

Her wings taking them into the distance


My heart

It once came across a witch

Pointy black hat

Hooked nose and crooked teeth

Mesmerising personality

But withย soul as dark as that of the devil

Capturing it, into the night she too vanished

Her broom taking them on her way


My heart

Tormented over many moons

Recast in its shell

Deceived, perplexed and in denial

One question it still asks me

Who was it that itย met

Whether angel or witch was she

The answer, it comes from my now-settled mind

โ€˜Twas both, one and the same



  1. awesome! keep it up! you’re doing great! funny how it’s only now that i’m trying to ‘redo’ my blog that i came to appreciate a lot of gifted writers here. the world looks even more beautiful knowing there are souls who have so much depth i’m happy i didn’t give up on my spot here at wordpress. keep inspiring!

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  2. I see I’ve been here before but didn’t comment. I have to agree with the other comments, there is a bit of both in all of us I think. Kinda makes for colourful living. I guess you don’t want to be stuck with one or the other. I’m reminded of old Sir Cliff Richard’s Devil woman. haha!

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      1. I’d like to say my pleasure – but I feel like crying. So let me go away and compose myself. I’ll catch up with you later. I am coming back to read more of the gold nuggets I missed previously.๐Ÿ˜‰

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      2. I love the hug. But remember that I collude in the effect through my own interpretation, so no need to be sorry. Celebrate that you write so effectively and emotively.๐Ÿ˜€

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