Who am I
to intrude upon
your thoughts, your time, your space
to ask for something, anything
except a selfish, old fool
with the audacity
to love you so ardently

Who am I
to silently seek your attention
unable to get you off my mind
enamoured, smitten, haunted
dreaming, imagining, pining
without you even knowing
of my affections

Who am I
to ask for reciprocity of feelings
when I lack the courage
to reveal myself
afraid as I am
of the consequences
and so live on, unrequited

Who am I
with a yearning, craving, abiding passion
but without the voice to speak up
as I wish I could
Courage, always the laggard
reining in unfulfilled promise
restricting it to regretful remorse

If you know
answer me
so I can find myself



  1. ps – the ending pulls it together nicely. the repetition of “Who am I” doesn’t read repetitious (there’s an irony … or oxymoron … or something) You ask the question well, and your flow carries the importance of that repeating question.

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  2. Good poetry. I’ve seen an angel myself. He was a man, without wings or halo. No luminicant light. He watches me in my sleep. Protecting me from demands of the night. I may write about him in my next blog.

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  3. This poem is specially touching and gives an expression to all the shy people who fall in love but cannot express what they r feeling. Ending is marvellous.

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