The arthritic old, simply don’t

The young are all
Universal and uniform
Ambidextrous texters
Tweeting twenty four seven

Us, those twixt & tween
Tetchy and testy
Are all thumbs
Caution hitting keypad
Tweedle dee & tweedle dum

So, while my index finger
Might be an unsure typist
Tap-tap-tapping touchpad
My middle does not hesitate
In rising to the occasion
And raising itself
In salute to those
Digitally deft
Technosavvy tykes



  1. After a 2 week break came across this. Thank you. Highly amusing and clever…Well done. My sentiments entirely! About to go gardening…all will be explained shortly…breaking myself in gently after the break…

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    1. Thanks, Sonya, for this comment and the follow! You might also like BEGONE MR BEARD, THE TEMPTATION OF MAN and THE FIFTH DECADE, all 3 similar in genre to this one. Check them out, if you will. And thank you, again!

      Here are the links-



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