Oh, man! Menopause…

Hot flashes, flushed face
Is it going to be one of those days?

Emotions running high, patience low
Not knowing which way the wind blows, I go with the flow
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The arthritic old, simply don’t

The young are all
Universal and uniform
Ambidextrous texters
Tweeting twenty four seven

Us, those twixt & tween
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The boobs, the belly, the butt start to sag
The stamina and libido start to flag

Added girth, more diet control
Hey, let’s just face it, we’re growing old

Bulge replacing muscle, a bit more flab
A touch more foundation, another dab

Creams and lotions, pills and potions
No going back, age has been set in motion

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A Father’s Fears

Today, I am afraid of sending my child to school
Not knowing what she will learn
From books that oft teach false gospels
From teachers who know no better

Today, I am afraid of taking her to a place of worship
Not knowing whom she will bow to
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