While under COVID lockdown, and on a walk, I came across this striking metal mural of Lord Shiva – the Destroyer. I thought it apt for days like these when the end of the world seems nigh. And here below is my poem inspired by it:

Climactic cosmic collapse

aenoic dissolution

destruction of the imagined real

matter merging into unmanifested

nothingness and non-existence

expansion into the Absolute

*From Hindu & Buddhist mythology, pralaya is the Sanskrit word for the process of dissolution and destruction of the universe that takes place at the end of each age, or kalpa, and precedes a new creation.


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  1. I expected an actual gloomy post (found you on GDG), but this isn’t gloomy. This is beautiful. And a reminder that our ego and the excessive need to control, our lack of respect for nature’s strength, will not serve. Yes, many things were destroyed but when that happens, there is space for new things to grow, to evolve. Beautiful post!

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  2. very profound title gives me a goosebump!
    Lord Shiva’s mural indeed inspiring. Love your poem, Kunal.
    Current phase akin to pralaya, perfectly balanced, awaiting the new manifestation are we all …

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  3. Great way to describe how we’re all feeling. Sometimes it does feel like we’re near or past the point of no return.
    I hope you’re coping with the lockdown in your country. Here, we are starting our return to normal, or at least the new normal. I came across this quote recently which I think is interesting:

    “In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.”

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