Who and what is fake?

The object?
The person who created and sold the object?             The person who bought and gifted it?                                  Or the person who keeps the adornment as a piece of decor?

Genuine, authentic, artificial, are all relative words dependent on the field of perception. But the Truth is just one, everything else is alternate reality. 
Think about it!

PS – that’s a replica cactus given to us as a present and kept as a window-side showpiece at home. Yes, we do have real, natural, living plants, as well!! 🙂



  1. Hah! I laughed when I saw this. It reminded me of the miniature cactus plant that I received as a gift a few years ago. I watered it faithfully every couple of weeks before I realized it wasn’t real!

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  2. Everyone says I am a replica of my dad. But inside I am a very different person, with very different though process, very different take on art and science.
    What people perceive of me is their version of me in their head.

    Nothing is fake, nothing is real.

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