Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

“The world is my family”, originally comes from the Upanishads, ancient Sanskrit tomes.
In this time of  a global pandemic and near-universal lockdown, it has salience in that we’re truly all in it together – East, West, rich, poor, black, white, brown, Hindu, Muslim, young, old – and the only way to overcome, recover, heal it is by forming a brotherhood.

ayaṃ bandhurayaṃ neti gaṇanā laghucetasām
udāracaritānāṃ tu vasudhaiva kuṭumbakam
bhāvābhāvavinirmuktaṃ jarāmaraṇavarjitam
praśāntakalanārabhyaṃ nīrāgaṃ padamāśraya
eṣā brāhmī sthitiḥ svacchā niṣkāmā vigatāmayā
ādāya viharannevaṃ saṃkaṭeṣu na muhyati

Here is the English translation:

“Only small men discriminate saying: One is a relative, the other is a stranger.
For those who live magnanimously the entire world is a family.
Resort to the status free from all effects of prosperity and adversity,
beyond old age and death,
in which all mental constructions are extinguished and where no attachments
finds lodgement.
This is the status of Brahman, absolutely pure, beyond all cravings and sufferings
Having taken this practice up, and roaming (living one’s life), one is not bewildered
in crises.”

These are mere words and obviously are meaningless unless understood
through practice, experience and by putting to the test. Hard it is and needs constant practice to begin to embody them, and one of the first steps along the way of this practice is to listen, to hear, to receive the words in the heart. To take the words to heart
is to listen, to hear, to receive.



  1. Beautiful sentiment and true.

    We are seeing many unselfish acts and examples of kindness.

    You would think we could all rally around a shared goal, fighting against a common goal, but I am still seeing so much division here.

    While many local leaders have displayed true compassion, cooperation and flexibility, others speak and act foolishly with no regard for those they put at risk.

    This divisiveness and abandonment of the truth unfortunately comes from the top, and when the head is sick…

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  2. Beautiful!
    May the world be our family and may this realization dawn on mankind in this gifted era of time to ponder.
    So very Unfortunate that lives were lost and dismantled for so many!
    Humbling times, nice piece on vedic wisdom KT! 👍👍👍

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  3. Wonderful and so relevant for the times. Yet some folks with vested interests of their keep dividing our society; I hope we realize it and strive for a world that is beyond the little boxes they keep dividing us into.

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      1. Great! I have done so. This message of being all one (human) family is so perfect right now. I’m hopeful that more people are seeing our interconnected nature, even in our physical distancing. Thank you.

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