Many of you will know what this means
When I say I remember the days of my teens
Wanting to be like James Dean
In a short-sleeved tee & indigo jeans

Those were the days of simple blue
5 pocket denims without much ado
You could run them ragged and threadbare
Scuffs and stains, but never a tear

Jeans and jacket you wore with your best buds
They were not considered designer duds
You wore them till they were frayed and faded
Comfort was in, they’d never get jaded

Rough & tumble, dreams of the Wild West
The original Levi’s were simply the best
Rivets and button fly, aspiring for a pair
We’d wear them with flares, and with flair

The came the Jordache generation
Gradually moving towards high-fashion
Gloria Vanderbilt was so “My Gosh!”
As were stone and acid wash

I shudder when I see what today’s kids wear
Rips, zips, patches and what-not, oh dear!
Folds, chains, bells & whistles
Blasphemous bling and studs make me bristle

There’s boot cut, straight cut, tapered and relaxed fit
Skinny and low waisters for those who don’t bulge a bit
Crystals, baubles, fringes, beads
Catering to every shape, fetish and creed

Embellished with leather and lace
An absolutely unnecessary disgrace
What were flat-fronts now wear a crease
I can only snort and say “Oh, Jeez!”

You even have embroidery and sequins
O forgive them, Father, for they have sinned
In our days, it was simple, durable twill
Having smelled blood, they’re now going for the kill

Have I been leading a life blinkered
To not notice what and when they’ve tinkered
Whatever happened to grease and dust
And the ruggedness in which you could trust

When did the hoity-toity brands take over
Was it a stealthy operation under cover
Because now they’re all fancy labels
Burnished by the poncy cabal

When I see ads for ‘pre-owned’ and ‘distressed’
I am appalled, I am astounded, I must confess
At the sheer novelty and the naivete
Of the iGen, Gen Z’s and the jet set

As an old fashioned, middle aged dad
I like to think these are all passing fads
We’ll go back to the basic jeans of yore
Which I see as being sold as Classics in the stores




  1. Wow and wow, what a poem on Jeans. I too loved jeans during my college days and only lived in jeans. I remember our time we had these wranglers and denims and they were awesome. Yes today what have they made with jeans and they wear torn ones that is so stupid. Very nice and you are awesome with your verses, Kunal.

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  2. Glad you admitted you are an old fashioned Dad… and middle aged ??? Kuni you may be old fashioned but you are young , growing younger.
    And forget wanting to be James Dean ( how ancient ) … are like James Bond!!!

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  3. I was just talking about this with a friend of mine. Perhaps each generation before etched out their own “brand” but I kind of like that now it’s all a mish-mosh comprised of individual tastes. Live and let live, Kunal! πŸ™‚

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  4. fantastic and fun poem! I once wrote a poem called 1950 that had a slightly similar theme though told through the lens of a teenager long before the middle aged dad I am today. Your version is brilliant in craft and sentiment!

    Thanks for stopping by the Go Dog Go Cafe!

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  5. I remember in high school we bought them straight-legged and long, then cuffed them, which was probably revived from the 50s. A few years later came disco generation and those ass-ugly bell bottoms.

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