Tryst with Destiny

At the stroke of the midnight hour as we celebrate our 73rd Independence Day, I can’t think of a better tribute to my country than this (from a British lady, no less!) in the ancient Sanskrit language.

Naturally lovely, very delightful
Carrying to us rivers and stars, charming and beautiful
On her forehead, the Himalayan mountains, at her feet, the sea
Beloved India, always beautiful
Receptacle of wealth, ever flowing
This India, equal with paradise
Whose fame, shining, a song among foreign lands
Beloved India, always to be worshipped
Many regions, many apparels
Many forms, many languages
Where we all are Indians
Beloved India, always to be protected
Where the people are wise, heroes in battles
Offering their bodies, they protect the country
Where the people are of good conduct, bound by duty
Beloved India, always to be praised
We bow to the land, to India,
The one supreme dharma, we always esteem,
For which we offer our wealth, our life,
Beloved India, always to be respected
प्रकृत्या सुरम्यं विशालं प्रकामम्
सरित्तारहारैः ललालं निकामम्
हिमाद्रिः ललाटे पदे चैव सिन्धुः
प्रियं भारतं सर्वथा दर्शनीयम्
prakṛtyā suramyaṃ viśālaṃ prakāmam
sarittārahāraiḥ lalālaṃ nikāmam
himādriḥ lalāṭe pade caiva sindhuḥ
priyaṃ bhārataṃ sarvathā darśanīyam
धनानां निधानं धरायां प्रधानम्
इदं भारतं देवलोकेन तुल्यम्
यशो यस्य शुभ्रं विदेशेषु गीतम्
प्रियं भारतं तत् सदा पूजनीयम्
dhanānāṃ nidhānaṃ dharāyāṃ pradhānam
idaṃ bhārataṃ devalokena tulyam
yaśo yasya śubhraṃ videśeṣu gītam
priyaṃ bhārataṃ tat sadā pūjanīyam
अनेके प्रदेशा अनेके च वेषाः
अनेकानि रूपाणि भाषा अनेकाः
परं यत्र सर्वे वयं भारतीयाः
प्रियं भारतं तत् सदा रक्षणीयम्
aneke pradeśā aneke ca veṣāḥ
anekāni rūpāṇi bhāṣā anekāḥ
paraṃ yatra sarve vayaṃ bhāratīyāḥ
priyaṃ bhārataṃ tat sadā rakṣaṇīyam
सुधीरा जना यत्र युद्धेषु वीराः
शरीरार्पणेनापि रक्षन्ति देशम्
स्वधर्मानुरक्ताः सुशीलाश्च नार्यः
प्रियं भारतं तत् सदा श्लाघनीयम् s
udhīrā janā yatra yuddheṣu vīrāḥ
śarīrārpaṇenāpi rakṣanti deśam
svadharmānuraktāḥ suśīlāśca nāryaḥ
priyaṃ bhārataṃ tat sadā ślāghanīyam
वयं भारतीयाः स्वभूमिं नमामः
परं धर्ममेकं सदा मानयामः
यदर्थं धनं जीवनं चार्पयामः
प्रियं भारतं तत् सदा वन्दनीयम्
vayaṃ bhāratīyāḥ svabhūmiṃ namāmaḥ
paraṃ dharmamekaṃ sadā mānayāmaḥ
yadarthaṃ dhanaṃ jīvanaṃ cārpayāmaḥ
priyaṃ bhārataṃ tat sadā vandanīyam





  1. congratulations on another independence day Kunal, to a mighty nation, i read a lot of Arundhati Roy last year and respectfully appreciate the struggles your beautiful country and people have gone through to arrive to today. many blessings to you

    Liked by 2 people


      1. Ummmm, I dunno, some of her views jar 🙂
        I am more inspired by Rabindranath Tagaore’s “where the mind is without fear”.
        But thank you both for the kind wishes and the India love! Here’s to real freedom throughout the world!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You can be proud of both of them, as part of a great literary tradition, even if you disagree with her politics. I am speaking specifically of “The God of Small Things.” Her beautiful and unique play with language speaks to me.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey K, hope you are yours are well! Duty more in the way of dharma, as in a divine order. Knowing one’s place in the universe and our responsibility to our fellow man/woman.

        Liked by 1 person

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