Stray Saturday Thoughts

What is more worthy?

A chant chorused aloud? Or muttered under one’s breath?

A rhythmic beating of drums, a clashing of cymbals, a ringing of the gong? The ting-ting-ting chiming of a hand-held bell? Or a momentary closing of the eyes and bowing of the head?

A tying of a sacred but tenuous thread? The lighting of a lamp which is at the mercy of the winds? A smearing of ash, the remnants of someone else’s prayer? A humble, floral offering? A circumambulation?

A congregation at a splendorous temple? Or a personal conversation with the divine?

Looking heavenward? Or looking inwards?

Is the deed bigger than the thought? Is silent reverence any less than vocal worship?



  1. It is the way perception affects the act that defines it’s importance, a small offering at the right time in the face of overwhelming events can stick more in memory than a cascade of deeds offered with good intent

    Good write my blogging comrade, good write indeed

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