As the Globe Revolves

As the globe revolves and the orb stands still

Somewhere there’s darkness
and somewhere light

Somewhere waves rush in
and somewhere the tides recede

Somewhere there’s a celebration of spring
and somewhere autumn descends

Somewhere there’s hope and happiness
and somewhere there’s despair and pain

Somewhere there’s bloom
and somewhere there’s blight

Somewhere a peak is conquered
and somewhere insurmountable obstacles take their toll

Somewhere there’s the cry of a newborn
and somewhere there’s a wail of loss

A cycle, where
Somewhere time revolves and life stands still

A cycle, where
Somewhere life revolves and time stands still



  1. Yes, to every season turn,turn. – that’s a lovely song Btw. Love the juxtaposition between time and life in your last two lines.Very clever:-) Fortunately,the globe does not stand still . It turns,turns 🙂

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