Aleph – Connecting with the Core

The absolute beginning.
The Centrepoint. The Axis Mundi. The Fountainhead.
The most primordial. The most primal.

The area of primary importance.
The unique spot of self realisation.
The point where everything in existence is contained.
The place from where one can interact
with each and every living and non living thing.
Where the whole universe converges into the soul
of every human who merges into the situation
where the ultimate truth reveals.
The seat of enlightenment.
Through which we can begin to see the layers
of information and meaning that lie
in even the most simplest of components of our existence,
the supremacy of spiritual evolution and movement.

Reach inwards. Go deep. Observe your inner self to understand this.
Connect with the core. With the yolk of energy. With the one reality.

Aleph. The absolute beginning. And the very end.



      1. It’s off the net, it’s the Hebrew sign for aleph, and if you look closely, there’s a resemblance to the Hindu swastika. Moral – the ancients probably knew more than we do and there is a common basis for all religions. Now, trying telling that to the folks out there!!


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