1. I think no one was more surprised that Trump won than Trump himself. His dream scenario was to lose in a close election, perhaps capturing the popular vote. When he realized he’d won, it was like, “WTF! How am I gonna cash in now that everyone is watching me?” Tweet, tweet, tweet…Pence is one scary mother fucker, especially since Trump has already lost interest in being the President and will likely leave all of the decision making to his Neo-Nazi right hand man. He is a championship of destruction.

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  2. I don’t usually comment on posts that have a political bent but there are times, like this one. I think Pence is turning out to be a better than usual VP. And yes, I am a Trump supporter. I have been around a while and remember all the presidents going back to Kennedy and from what I can see from the way things are progressing in spite of all the resistance from the left Trump is turning out to be one of, if not, the best. What strikes me as moderately humorous is that those on the left cannot express themselves without profanity and vulgarities. To me this means these people are uneducated and unlearned and this kind of language broadcasts it to the world.


    1. I appreciate your comment and your point of view, SG. Each of us is entitled to their opinion. Although this was written tongue in cheek a year ago, Trump is a mixed bag from my perspective and his personality far overshadows poor Pence. American politics is not my strong suit but your POTUS has a knack of being in the news!
      Thanks for coming by and have a lovely week ahead!

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