When I close my eyes

I see a face

A different one at different occasions

Some times, many

At others, none at all

It takes on different names

The subject changes

As does its form

Sometimes, morphing mid-thought

It also changes gender



And the language we communicate in

When there’s no entity

It’s a black frame

Or one of intense light

An indescribable fixity

There are pictures

Inanimate scenes

Different expressions, adjectives, attributes and meanings

Come to mind

Call it crazy, but music plays in my head

Imagined, imaginary

Then I comprehend it’s all Him

And I open my eyes again

In wonderment, appreciation, gratitude



  1. Kunal this is so good your words,your emotions but they resonate mine too.The awe inspiring reverence and the connection can be felt.Very beautiful, in fact I working on something on the line but I know after this I will not be able to do justice.👍👍

    Liked by 1 person


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