Two Beers That Changed My Mind

Good American beer was an oxymoron, until this:

A cold May day in London. Warm house, warm company, Indian food. A strange, new, chilled bottle of beer to be fetched from the outhouse beyond the backyard. But what a treat when popped open! And then a six-month wait before I could try another, Stateside.

This time, another year, a warmer day in June in upstate New York. Made warmer with the companyย of old friends. Outdoor seating. Surfing through a menu and fingering one on the list. Another lovely surprise! So much so that I had a couple more than I ordinarily would!


Americans, I am so pleasantly surprised. After years of quaffing Mexican and other imported beers on every holidayย to your country, I actually love both these. And I look forward to visiting again simply to have a taste again!

On that note, Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating today, although remember to give thanks every single day!



      1. It is hard to beat a nice cold beer with Indian food. Or a good lobster, or steak off the grill, no offense intended to my Hindu friends. I like a good stout, and Heineken on other occasions.

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