BHOOLBHULAIYA* – The Maze of My Mind

This is my first attempt at a composition in Hindi / Urdu, with an English translation.
A shout out to NMY for her encouragement and preview!


Buss, ek hi muraad
Bhoolun na kabhi teri yaad

Buss, ek hi fariyaad
Bhool jaoon abhi teri yaad

Just one desire have I
To never forget the memory of you

Just one lamentation have I
To forever forget all memory of you


  • BHOOLBHULAIYA is Hindi for Maze

80 thoughts on “BHOOLBHULAIYA* – The Maze of My Mind

  1. Kunal, the NMY was hardly a shout you, you miser! Ok ok just kidding. Im so happy to see this one here again. The preview was humbling and this is stumbling (the reader I mean) 🙂 I said it then I say I now: perfect!

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  2. Apart from being in the same city , I think our minds are wandering in similar labyrinths too ! There’s so much said in so little words and it’s beautiful ! Am glad you had an English translation too , it helped .
    Way to go , Kunal ! Cheers to hope and Love !

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  3. Sweet paradox – “to be or not to be, that is the question” as Hamlet once said. I’m impressed with your micro poetry. Such tormenting yet blissful pleasure…. Did you feel that the Hindi version did justice to the English version? I think it’s brilliant – reminds me of a song someone once dedicated to me which resonates somehow. I’ll post on my blog.:-)

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  4. Bhool jaoon abhi teri yaad
    Shouldn’t this be like: To forget memory of you this instant

    Because “To forever forget all memory of you” suits more to: Bhoola doun teri sab yaad

    Apologies for doing this.

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    • Well, I’m glad you liked what you saw, Dhiya! As for inspiration, there’s some of it in everything you see, hear, taste, feel, smell, experience, think, imagine…..just write! 😊 Good luck to you & God bless!

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  5. A poignant paradox…skilfully executed in English and I can imagine reads with much depth and lilt in the Hindi! I believe that much praise and congratulations are due here to you my friend! Very well done…indeed, you should write more like this…it is your heritage, your birthright! 🙂

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