The Hyper Piper

When neither cats nor any kind of vicious traps
Could contain the outbreak of those horrid, furry chaps

Hamelin-ites once again reached for an all-new Piper in a trice
After their most recent infestation of mice

He answered “Hello, hello, hello, hello” and spoke in a hurry
His strange mannerisms had Herr Mayor quite worried

He was told, “Come over if you want a job”
So across to the Mayoral Bungalow he bobbed

He had a nervous tic, he tapped his feet, he couldn’t keep still
They haggled over the terms then asked for his bill

The Piper said he had just one request
That he be paid not in cash, but in sugar no less

Even as the Mayor was taken aback at his strange quirk
He cracked his knuckles and exclaimed, “OK, let’s get to work!”

The very first note of the reed
Had all the rodents speedily pay heed

With a few more toots of his magic flute
Every bandicoot in town started towards him to scoot

All one could see were twitchy whiskers and swishy tails of grey
As the Piper started to earn his pay

Then suddenly, as the residents watched, the Piper stopped because
For his regular dose he had to take a pause

For a moment there was a deathly hush
As Hamelin-ites collectively awaited his sugar rush

Having got a jolt, he jauntily, jerkily moved along
The mice following, utterly mesmerized by his song

With his newfound kick, he continued playing his music
All the rats scurrying behind double quick

They left their nibbling and gnawing behind
To rush along with others of their kind

With bated breath the Hamelin-ites waited as the mice
Were led over the cliff to their demise

Rid of the threat of the deadly plague disease
And also to their horde of the finest Limburger cheese

They broke out into heartfelt applause
As the Piper returned wide-eyed and high from his buzz

(PS: And since this tale has a twist that’s sweet
No, the kids this time did not the same fate as the mice meet)


53 thoughts on “The Hyper Piper

  1. You are very clever. I don’t think I could do humor half as well. Of course there is a different moral to this story. I see more emphasis on the Piper and his rush. Are we not all like the Piper in many ways? On a lighter note, very clever and entertaining read, on a serious need, send that Piper here – our prolonged refuse removal strike is inviting these pests along:-)

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  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ad infinitum……this is SOOO clever and witty and funny. My oh my so very well narrated and so many wee bits that i loved in this…Mayoral Bungalow, sugar rush, twitchy whiskers and lots more! Wow…this is amazing Kunal. What a wonderful sense of humour you have and how very well you pen it with not a chuckle or smile lost in the process. I will dream of furry rats’ tails and sugar mountains as I fall asleep to the persistent tune of whistle/ pipe! My dreams will indeed be SWEET! Chuckle, chuckle…..:) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cute!
    Maybe consider changing ‘tale’ to ‘fate’ on the last line?
    And ‘led over the cliff to their demise’ suggests that the piper went over the cliff too?
    Apart from that – bravo! You have a great sense of humour and a lovely grasp of the language of poetry, Kunal. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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