1. Maybe,I stick with my earlier comment of interesting. I see the second article is an analysis of the first you posted. My favourite line in your post is: ” I want to imagine the loft of our dreams,knowing that we’ll probably never move in together”. Interesting that the article went viral with 182 000 likes. Does it mean we all want more out of life – kinda having the cake and eating it, the paradox,the duality? The song is great and the video ends on a very interesting note that made me laugh .
    Noticed that one includes the word “random” and the song “rant” – a coincidence?
    Anyway, since I like to think in music,here is a favourite song of mine that has a similar theme :

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    1. Yes, Chevvy, what appealed to me is the “modern” thought of living together but as separate people while being committed to each other (confusing, isn’t it?). And I didn’t mean to really connect the article and the song, but they kind of came together.
      I’m gonna go to your song now… 🙂

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